Friday, December 5, 2014

GEMO-time and love 12"

Same version different artist name but perhaps the same exact singer. This one though is released by tam tam records on swiss pressing. The other artist name is TIME AND LOVE with this song only titled tea for two....I know it sounds confusing but for me the correct title of the song should be "time and love" only because the words are in the lyrics unlike  "tea for two" which isn't in the lyrics at all, unless someone corrects me. Anyway this is a must have in  your collection for Filipino italo/new wave fans....just like bamboo industry and copy-right (hypnotized) or invisible, karisma and Europe (six two eight) to name a few.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

SANDRA- japan ist weit

Nice rendition from this german artist considered one of the most popular pop singers in the 80's Germany ofcourse.... she has also tapped the US billboard charts with other songs but really never was recognized in the USA unlike Madonna or Sheena Easton during those times. One pricey record although got mine for a bargain, I was lucky enough to grab it before it got away.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GEORGIA MORANDI-children of the sky (12" vocal)

Probably one of my favorites or should I say definitely right up there on the top 5 of my best manila beat/italo collection. This was released in 1988 under carrere records France, however they also came in different labels depending on the country it was released. I can categorize this as "pang -sosyal" in terms of manila genre type music. Anyway it was played in clubs all over manila and also had its share on the airwaves. shout out to Cino..... where you at meng the bus leaves for riverside and im jumping on it !

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CLOTHILDE -souviens toi de moi (extended version)

well its been a while since my last post, though I kinda neglected this site for a while, now I will try my best to fill in as much finds that I can in my collection. 1987 EMI production from France, very simple yet danceable 80's italo in a way however the French somehow have their own way of making music so its kinda a cross between italo and eurobeat, anyway I like it, and I know manila beat listeners will enjoy!