Thursday, December 9, 2010

DEBLANC-mon amour

Euro beat classic from 1987, deblanc an italian group that came about in the mid 80's had a couple of singles but this one in particular was a hit in the philippines. yeah i know call me lame or "baduy" if you want, but this was a one hit wonder especially in the airwaves and popular on tv variety shows like tonight with dick and know...dont deny it cino hehehe you there?? anyway hope it reminds you of the good ol' club days.

DEBLANC-mon amour

Monday, December 6, 2010


welcome to my second blogsite featuring the best of manila beat, italo and euro disco from the 80's and 90's. let me start off with a forgotten manila beat cut. most of you who were around the mid 80's in manila remember FACES, well if you can't, then let me refresh your memory, faces was a popular dance club in manila following the likes of rumors, isis, stargazers, zig zag, ozone to name a few...if you can recall the TV or radio commerical of Faces (especially during the going bananas time slot on channel 2), this track is played in the background while faces disco is being shown on TVor descirbed if you are listening to the radio. well unlike the other dance clubs i mentioned, faces was different, the type of crowd that hanged out there were rich, famous, some politicians and up and comers, with their club dj-boyet almazan spinning the best swing disco or italo tracks (who can forget "sing sing sing" ben leibrand rendition of Andrew sisters hit)  i can also recall hearing faces played frequently at 99.5 rt. this may very well be an italo disco record from 1985 but personally i consider it manila beat "pang sosyal" kinda like mike francis which in my opinion best describes the air of trend during that time. i would say this vinyl is somewhat rare because they dont come up at your regular online shops except for gemm or discogs, anyway i was lucky to get a copy for 10 bucks at gemm considering the prices out there 35 euros and up.