Thursday, February 12, 2015

TRIO RIO- i'm still in love with you (long version)

In the spirit of valentines, I have here a band that brought you the dance hit new York Rio  Tokyo , this though is a nice and slow romantic music not typically what I post as manila beat hi-nrg stuff but this for sure was played on the airwaves in manila back in the golden days of the 80's. From what I remember it was part of the compilation HITWAVE pressed in the there...This is dedicated to my one and only true love ms. gigi know who you are hehehe..every sentiment of this song I feel for you and just you only ...ok enough of the cheesy stuff.....happy valentines to my fellow blog mates and friends.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

SCOTCH- Take me Up '90

Familiar to millions, this '85 italo/euro disco hit was very popular to young new wavers and regular club goers. Played mostly at party's a fave pick by mobiles along side gazebo, ken Laszlo, FR david to name a few. 3 different mixes , this one brings a bit of rap flayvah, uping the ante so to speak.