Friday, December 5, 2014

GEMO-time and love 12"

Same version different artist name but perhaps the same exact singer. This one though is released by tam tam records on swiss pressing. The other artist name is TIME AND LOVE with this song only titled tea for two....I know it sounds confusing but for me the correct title of the song should be "time and love" only because the words are in the lyrics unlike  "tea for two" which isn't in the lyrics at all, unless someone corrects me. Anyway this is a must have in  your collection for Filipino italo/new wave fans....just like bamboo industry and copy-right (hypnotized) or invisible, karisma and Europe (six two eight) to name a few.


  1. good "dick-covery" , mate. looks like my uncle gemo from p.i. hahaha.
    yo, if you have the 'time and love' i have the Length and Diameter" fo your arse and collection of jumbo dildeeds to end this confusion of yers once and for all, ya dig??!!

  2. hahaha deym cino cant stop laughing at this one....looks like you got your slip and slide ready for my pump and dump action yahknowatameeeeen hahahha!

  3. Hi there randybazooka - just stumbled onto your site. Am a massive Italo disco head - from the UK. I run a club night of it here in Brighton. Is really interesting to read about your posts and how Italo disco was big in the Philippines during the 80s. I would love to know more about it. Been trying to google stuff about the clubs and what kind of songs were played. Is very evocative in your post about Clio Faces - to read about the night club named after the song. This is one of my favourite all time tracks of the genre. Have been googling about the club and the video advert and found one, only without the Clio music unfortunately.
    Anyway, keep posting on the blog. I know it is difficult to keep up a blog like this these days but know that there are some people out there reading and listening. Hope you keep uploading new stuff from your collection and memories of the times!
    Maybe I will do a small piece about Manila scene in my Italo zine next time.
    holmes dot hp at gmail dot com

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  5. hi henry yes italo was very popular in manila during the 80's and is still appreciated even to this day...there were a lot of dance clubs that play heavy italo and new wave music back then...and there were also a lot of mobile dj's that played at parties and school proms or high school dances that always have italo mixed in with their tell you the truth even today there are radio stations in manila that still play italo hi-nrg tracks and of course there are new dance clubs today too that are dedicated in playing italo music, I've been to one last year and they just played all my fave stuff so yeah the nostalgia and energy is still around to this day...if ever you need some more input on your next piece for your zine just drop me a line and i'll be glad to help you....thanks for stopping by.